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These Are the Best Nigerian Films of 2020

Although Nollywood is typically known for its prolific output, 2020’s pandemic introduced a host of new challenges to producing new content.  At the same time, the evolution of the industry toward greater thought-provoking, higher quality films resulted in the release of some truly memorable productions this year. Directed by Desmond Ovbiagele and starring Maryam Booth and Jammal Ibrahim, “The Milkmaid” explores the harsh reality of insurgency in Northern Nigeria using the story of two Fulani sisters, Aisha and Zainab who are kidnapped. In Kayode Kasum’s October release, “This Lady Called Life,” we meet Aiye, a struggling single mother who dreams of being a chef. This beautiful story that chronicles Aiye as she fights against the odds to chase her dreams, wins you over with all the heartwarming moments and the chemistry between the lead actors. The film features Bisola Aiyeola, Efa Iwara, Jemima Osunde, Tina Mba, a cast of some of Nollywood’s favorites. Centered on the notorious terrorism in North-eastern Nigeria and inspired by eye-witness accounts of actual events, “Voiceless” tells the story of Salma and Goni, two young women captured by a dreaded terrorist gang along with hundreds of their schoolmate.