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These African Countries Rose Up the Global Rankings of Faster Internet

By the end of 2022, seven African countries had moved up by more than five positions in the global ranking of median mobile internet download speeds. Seven others upped their fixed broadband speed rankings by a similar number of spots, according to Speedtest Global Index by Ookla, a global network intelligence and connectivity research firm. Rwanda made the biggest leap in fixed broadband speeds, with the result that its position in the global rankings rose by 47 places. The country’s internet penetration stood at 60.6% by the close of 2022, with its international bandwidth capacity rising by 29.4%. Malawi moved nine positions to 148 while Djibouti and Congo jumped seven slots to 153 and 103 respectively, while Mauritius, Lesotho, and Guinea improved their rankings by five places each to settle at 113, 127 and 154. Burkina Faso, previously among the lowest ranking countries, moved up the most places in Africa’s mobile internet speeds, shifting 22 places to rank 102. Botswana and Uganda, already seated higher in the global rankings, moved 15 places each—to 47 and 57 respectively. Mauritius also made significant strides in mobile internet speed with a ranking rise of 13 slots—to position 74—as Sudan moved up 11 slots to settle at 112.