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There’s Only One Rule for Riding Out in the Lawless Wastelands of the Skeleton Coast

Stay on your horse. Out in the desert expanse you’ll find a whole lot of nothing, and a whole lot of everything. Photographer Teagan Cunniffe joins a stalwart group of horse riders as they head towards the horizon. The five-day route, curated and sold by adventurous horse safari agency Ride the Wild, starts off in the Skeleton Coast National Park where the rib cages of shipwrecks lay picked clean by time and black-backed jackals scavenged for scraps off seal carcasses. The ramshackle ‘civilisation’ of the first campsite, St Nowhere, and rode inland over lichen plains that rose to meet plunging canyons. You’ll work your way deeper into the Dorob National Park, covering between 20km and 40km in four to seven hours of riding each day with a 200km route that hooked back towards the coast, ending at Hentiesbaai.