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There’s More to Kenya than Many Travelers Realize

If you’re planning a safari vacation this year and are ready to dive deeper into what Kenya has to offer, here are suggestions for going beyond the well-treaded paths around the country while still tapping into what makes it such a special place. Giraffe Manor, a boutique hotel in the Karen neighborhood of Nairobi that has become immensely popular thanks to this one-of-a-kind giraffe encounter. Reteti Wildlife Sanctuary was created by and for the indigenous community, rather than as a result of foreign intervention. As such, the cultural nuances affecting wildlife conservation are easily understood and incorporated into programs helping elephants. Kilimanjaro may be the continent’s most famous mountain, but it’s not the only one in Africa that offers a thrilling climb. Mount Kenya—for which the country is named—has three jagged summits, and climbing to them is an off-the-beaten-path adventure that is typically less expensive than climbing Kili, and undoubtedly less crowded. South of Mombasa is Diani Beach, a top spot for snorkeling and coral reef exploration, while Watamu in the north is a destination for surfers of every kind.