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‘There Can Be No Excuse For This’: Pitbull Rescued After Ears Cut Off

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Two Mitchells Plain teenagers could soon be charged with animal cruelty for hacking off the ears of a pitbull.

Cooper, as the dog is known, was admitted to the Animal Welfare Society by his owner on 20 January.

It’s understood the owner’s two cousins cut off the dog’s ears with scissors and tried to sew them back on.

The Animal Welfare Society’s Allan Perrins said after more than 20 years of working with animals, this is one of the most traumatic cases he’s come across.

“Two people restrained the dog and deliberately cut his ears off with no anaesthetic. This act defies logic and belief.”

Perrins believes it was either done for cosmetic reasons or to groom the dog for organised dogfighting.

The suspects, aged 17 and 19, had tied the dog’s legs and taped his mouth with duct tape before disfiguring him.

When confronted, they apparently admitted to the deed and gave written confessions.

Perrins hopes they face the full might of the law.

“There can be no excuse for this offence. If they could do this to an innocent and defenceless animal what more are they capable of.”

Cooper is recovering following surgery and will soon be ready to find a new home.