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The UK has Implemented a Series of Stringent Visa Regulations to Curb African Immigration

According to the UK Office for National Statistics, there were about 2.3 million people born in Africa living in the UK in 2019, accounting for 7% of the foreign-born population and 3% of the total population. Nigeria, South Africa, Somalia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya were the top five countries of birth for African migrants in the UK. However, the volume of migration from Africa to the UK fluctuates, depending on the changes in the UK’s immigration policies, the economic and political conditions in both regions and the availability of alternative destinations. One of the primary motivations behind this migration has been the vast economic disparity between Africa and the UK. According to the World Bank, the average income per capita in sub-Saharan Africa is a mere $1,700, compared to $47,000 in the UK. This stark difference has been a powerful pull factor, enticing many Africans to seek higher wages and improved living standards. There has also been increased migration from countries like Somalia and Eritrea, where citizens are increasingly seeking refuge in the UK due to political and social unrest in their home countries.