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The UK and Rwanda Remain Committed to their Controversial Migrant Deportation Deal

Whitehall sources said they are aware that Rwandan officials are happy to proceed in the negotiations but are concerned that Paul Kagame’s government has been “rubbished” by the supreme court ruling. It is understood that Rwandan officials have tired of hearing that the only way to make things fair and professional is to remove Rwandans from decision-making. Yolande Makolo, the Rwandan government spokesperson, said: “Rwanda is a safe and welcoming country for asylum seekers and migrants, and the criticisms directed at our country are unwarranted. Nevertheless, we are committed to providing those seeking safety and opportunity a home in Rwanda. This is why we’re actively working with the UK government to turn the MOU (memorandum of understanding) into a treaty to reinforce the already existing guarantees on issues of concern.”