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The Travel Clan is Dedicated to Showing the Gems of Africa on a Budget

It was started by Caleb Mensa Bonsu and Kevin Ojo after they realized travel companies were neglecting African countries. So, instead of booking a vacation for a destination they weren’t interested in at the time, the two friends who grew up in Ghana decided to take a flight to São Tomé. Both Bonsu and Ojo realized there was a huge gap in the market and they began to help people who reached out to them for advice on the countries to visit in Africa. The interest began to grow organically so the two friends launched The Travel Clan in 2018. With their travel group, the men work hard to provide authentic experiences that give their clients a day in the life of locals. You can expect to fully immerse yourself in the local culture through interactive activities and excursions. The ongoing health crisis put a damper on their plans for 2020, but they’re picking back up.  Bonsu and Ojo are planning trips to Tanzania, São Tomé, and Ghana in 2021.