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The Top 12 African Startups to Watch in 2021

Egyptian investtech startup Thndr is already making waves, despite only formally launching in 2020.  The startup has developed an investment platform that makes it easy to invest in stocks, bonds, and funds, completely commission free. Tunisian venture Onboard has been around for a few years already, but 2020 saw things pick up pace and we think the momentum will keep on rolling. The startup offers a SaaS platform transforming customer experience management for hardware providers, with 3D smart manuals. Ugandan fintech Eversend has been gaining momentum for a couple of years with its multi-currency e-wallet, but in 2020 it hit the headlines with the only notable crowdfunding round of the year. Kenya’s Amitruck launched its P2P trucking logistics marketplace in 2019, intent on disrupting the country’s difficult and inefficient road transportation network by connecting transporters directly with cargo owners, skipping out middlemen and making pricing more competitive. Zambian micro-lending platform PremierCredit has had a whirlwind of a time since launching in 2019.  The startup – which offers micro-loans to Zambian entrepreneurs and small scale traders, primarily women – has already launched operations in Zimbabwe in partnership with a local bank, providing affordable bicycles, smartphones and solar equipment on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis.