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The Tajín of West Africa? Dallas Spice Company Wants African Food to be the Next Movement                       

Abena Foli has a long history of spice-making, which she began as a child in Ghana. It wasn’t until later in life and an ocean away that she turned this early passion into a career. As a gift for a Texas holiday party, she created a spice mix, which was so well-received that she saw the beginnings of a new business. Capitalizing on her love of spices and a growing interest in West African cuisine, she launched POKS Spices in 2016. Every West African country accentuates a different ingredient. In Senegal, onions star in dishes like chicken yassa. In Ghana and along the Ivory Coast, generous doses of ginger are added to stews, like kedjenou chicken. And, in Cameroon and Nigeria, where even “extra spicy is not spicy enough,” chili peppers take the lead.