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The Sahara’s Orange Haze Stops Holiday Makers

Satellite images show the enormous plume of dust stretching from the Sahara that has blanketed the Canary Islands forcing hundreds of flights to be cancelled and throwing travel plans into chaos for thousands. The satellite clip shows the sandstorm stretching across the ocean from the Moroccan coast before reaching the Canary Islands yesterday. It has continued to hover over the islands today. Another video also showed a Ryanair plane rocking as it attempted to land in the overcast conditions. Flights from Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, North and South Tenerife Airports have been grounded due to poor visibility, and departures were also suspended. As many as 230 flights were suspended over the weekend while at least 19 planes had to be diverted due to the storm. Authorities have issued a red alert for the area and encouraged residents to stay indoors if they have respiratory problems. The Ministry of Education announced that schools will be closed on Monday, while residents shared photos of streets and beaches shrouded in orange dust on social media.