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The Rulings Of The ICJ Have Been Ignored By Israel – Pandor

International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor believes Israel is ignoring Friday’s court order for its military to avoid more deaths in the occupied territory of Gaza.

In the days since the International Court of Justice issued its directives, hundreds more Palestinians have been killed.

Pandor says although the order against Israel is not the victory South Africa wanted, she has encouraged Palestinian activists to ramp up their campaign for a two-state solution.

The minister says a ceasefire is critical for the release of hostages taken captive in Israel by the Palestinian militant group – Hamas.

But Pandor adds that she has had no contact with the group since a phone call she received late last year.

“I believe the rulings of the court have been ignored by Israel. Hundreds of people have been killed in the last three, or four days, and clearly, Israel believes it has a license to do as it wishes.”

Pandor does not foresee the United Nations Security Council taking a resolution on this matter when it meets later on Wednesday.

“We are going to come to a point where we have to think: what are we going to do to stop such acts occurring? Not just with Israel, but any party in the world.”

She said it may be time to propose other measures to the global community to avoid genocide in Gaza.