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The Region Stands Up Against a CAR Rebellion

Cameroon says hundreds of Central African Republic (CAR) civilians have fled across the border in the past few days to escape election-related violence. Bangui is holding elections later this month and those fleeing into Cameroon say sporadic clashes are already breaking out. Over the weekend, the CAR government accused former president Francois Bozize of organizing a rebel alliance to attack the capital, Bangui, a week before the election. Bangui said U.N. peacekeepers dispersed armed rebels loyal to Bozize who were occupying areas near the capital. A government spokesman on Monday confirmed reports that Russia and Rwanda had each sent several hundred troops to the country. Rwanda on Sunday said its troops were dispatched in response to rebels supported by Bozize targeting its peacekeeping forces. Russia has been supplying the Central African Republic with arms and security contractors. CAR descended into violence in 2013 when Bozize was ousted by the Séléka, a rebel coalition from the Muslim minority, which accused him of breaking peace deals.