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The Record-Breaking Box Office Success of ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ Is a Win for Nollywood                              

“Box Office Queen” is an apt title for Funke Akindele, the Nigerian filmmaking juggernaut whose every project seems to turn to gold. Building on her prior successes, her latest film, ‘A Tribe Called Judah,’ managed to achieve the highest ever gross for a Nollywood film within three weeks of its release. With her more than 20 million followers across social media, Akindele has made sure to utilize her platforms to heavily promote her film, a marketing strategy that she has become well known for. Right after the release of the trailer, Akindele posted skits, held interviews, and secured celebrity endorsements for the film, sparking anticipation and fan excitement. The promotion hasn’t stopped: since the cinema release of the film, she’s visited numerous cinemas to meet and greet with fans, and also hosted events in cinemas across the country with the movie stars and some of the country’s most loved influencers and celebrities.