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The Problems Keep on Piling for Mozambicans

Northern Mozambique has lurched into a humanitarian crisis as growing numbers of people have lost their homes amid escalating conflict. Fighting in the northern province of Cabo Delgado displaced more than 500,000 people last year and on Wednesday UN agencies said they were deeply worried about the current situation and called for the international community to do more to help. A cholera outbreak has also been reported in the region with the arrival of the rainy season. “The situation in Cabo Delgado is dire, it’s a humanitarian crisis, the international community cannot let the situation continue like this,” said Valentin Tapsoba, director of UNHCR in southern Africa. He said 90% of those displaced had been taken in or housed by sympathetic local people but were living in cramped conditions, with several families often sharing small spaces, sleeping on floors and sharing a single toilet. UN representatives said the displaced people had requested long-term support for livelihoods, education and especially the health sector, which was already stretched by Covid-19 and Cyclone Kenneth in 2019.