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The Perfect Start to a Namibian Trip

The dunes of Sossusvlei at sunrise are one of life’s must-dos. Head through early and climb Big Daddy, one of the world’s highest dunes before it gets too hot, or just wander across Deadvlei, marvelling at the ancient, rock-hard clay patterns and famous dead trees. Little Kulala, Wilderness’ exclusive Sesriem property, is on Sossusvlei’s doorstep, part retreat, part gateway to the dunes. Renovated just before Covid, it’s contemporary but cosy, and well integrated into the landscape. Swakopmund, or Swakop as it’s fondly called by everyone, is a delightful higgledy-piggledy disarrangement of architectural styles, antiquey junk shops, promenades, hidden courtyards, excellent restaurants, and the cold Atlantic, which lends it a curiously European flavour.