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The Perfect Romantic Getaway

At Royal Mansour, you can bet that just about every detail at this palatial Marrakech hotel, which took more than three years and 1,200 master craftsmen to build, aims to please. Each of the 53 individual three-story riads (villas) have a mini courtyard (with a canopy that automatically unfurls if rain is detected); a dazzling living room and bedroom with silk-covered walls; a private rooftop terrace with a fireplace and heated plunge pool, and 24/7 private butler service. andBeyond Benguerra Island in Mozambique is a low-key paradise with plenty to explore—and with around 140 species of birds, from kingfishers to flamingos, and just 10 casinhas, two cabanas, and one three-bedroom casa, you’re almost more likely to encounter the local wildlife than other people. You’ll want to spend days lazing on its perfect beaches, with views of the surrounding lagoon—but there’s also horseback riding, sunset cruising on a traditional dhow, and big game fishing to be sampled. Don’t miss a visit to see the flock of flamingos that inhabit a nearby freshwater lake—especially with a “castaway picnic” to accompany you there and beyond to a completely secluded beach.