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The Newly Reopened Africa Centre Celebrates the Continent’s Culture (and Seriously Chic Room Dividers)

London’s Africa Centre has reopened in dazzling new digs that are meant to celebrate and elevate African culture. The vision of interior designer Tola Ojuolape and collaborating architect Freehaus, the design incorporates numerous textures as a reference to the metalwork, beadwork, and handwoven materials that underpin African design. The reimagining of the once dilapidated 1960s building took 16 months and encompassed a restaurant and café, an exhibition space, and a business center—places to serve the charity’s mission to create and promote authentic African cultural experiences. Ojuolape leaned on her travels to Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Morocco, and more to infuse the space with an essence of the continent, rather than leaning into a specific place.