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The Museum of West African Art Reveals Vision for a Vibrant Creative Hub in Benin City, Developed with Adjaye Associates                                                  

In Benin City, Nigeria, the Museum of West African Art has announced a collaborative venture to build a “creative district” across a span of 20 acres. With a master plan by architect David Adjaye, the district will engage other arts institutions and African architects to create an area that fosters the development of artists, attracts other creatives, and ultimately fuels economic development. The architectural designs of the district’s buildings are being created by Adjaye Associates, as well as other prominent firms based in West Africa, such as MOE+ Art Architecture and Studio Contra from Lagos and Worofila from Dakar. This collaborative effort ensures that the Creative District’s structures are thoughtfully planned and diversified. This initiative will also provide essential infrastructure, training, and opportunities for local artists, creatives, and scholars, addressing their needs and empowering them to succeed. One of the highlights is the Rainforest Gallery, a sustainable exhibition space where modern, contemporary, and historical artworks will be showcased.