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The Most Powerful Passports in Africa

Seychelles has held the title of the most powerful passport in Africa for the third year in a row. The country’s passport offers access to almost all the countries in Europe, Africa, New Zealand, and China. Its passport promises access to 153 countries across the globe. Mauritius’ passport offers access to most of the world’s big economies including the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and many more. This has helped to boost the country’s economy by attracting foreign investment and tourism. South African passport allows its citizens free access to up to 100 countries in the world. They may however need to obtain an electronic pass when they arrive and often there are limits to how long they can stay. Botswana is visa-free to 86 countries worldwide. Botswana’s strong passport is due to a number of factors. First, Botswana is a stable and prosperous country with a good reputation for democracy and human rights. Namibia ranks 66th globally and has visa-free access to 78 countries. Although it still struggles with income inequality, having a strong passport has helped to boost sectors like tourism, attract foreign investment, improve trade, and increase job opportunities.