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The Mortal Remains of Zambian Student Fighting for Russia Returned Home

The body of Lemekani Nathan Nyirenda, a fighter recruited by the mercenary group Wagner for combat operations in Ukraine. Nyirenda’s body arrived at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in the capital Lusaka and was accompanied by Zambia’s Ambassador to Russia, Shadreck Luwita, its foreign ministry said. The body was received by Nyirenda’s family and foreign ministry officials, the ministry stated in a series of tweets Sunday. Yevgeny Prigozhin, known by the moniker ‘Putin’s Chef,’ has admitted to being the head of Wagner. In the summer Prigozhin himself was leading recruitment drives in Russian penal colonies. He appeared in various social media videos encourage prisoners to join the ranks of Wagner. In exchange for a tour of duty, prisoners are granted a healthy salary and amnesty upon completion – and survival – of six-month tour. Or they would receive a lump sum payment to their families on event of their deaths. Last month, Prigozhin admitted to recruiting Nyirenda from a Russian jail, saying he chose to fight to “repay (Africa’s) debts” to Russia and “died a hero.”