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The Mauritian Dream

For nature lovers, the island is landscaped with verdant trails and with pirouetting birds – from lime-green Echo Parakeets to teal-capped Mascarene Paradise Flycatchers. It may not have the private island feel of the Maldives or the Indiana Jones giant fauna and tropical jungle of the Seychelles, but offers faultless service, activity (golf, and then some more golf, hiking and biking) and farm-to-table gastronomy. With its burgeoning boutique rum industry and host of emerging artisans – from textiles to ceramics – be sure to pack an empty suitcase for your return journey. And travellers who venture here post-covid are richly rewarded, with newly refurbed retreats, pristine beaches and, at present, amazingly good rates (some five-star spots start from £200 a night). These resorts lure some of the finest Gallic talent to their kitchens from Michelin titans such as Paris’ George V. But the tourist ecosystem is also dominated by some exceptional homegrown brands who are shaping the country’s industry with a proud, hands-on approach.