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The Marshall Nature Reserve Gives a Different Glimpse of the Sudanese Capital

Nested east of Khartoum, the sanctuary of lush green vegetation was set up four years ago by Sudanese bird lover Akram Yehia. “The idea was to create an ideal environment that simulates the bird’s natural habitat, the owner of the Marshall Nature Reserve says. That was the great challenge at the beginning.” In the natural reserve, visitors can behold over a hundred100 birds of 13 species. Ring-necked parakeet, rosella birds, Meyers as well as African grey parrot and red-rumped parrots flit, across branches and compete over birdhouses. The natural sanctuary -that used to be Akram Yehia’s front yard- also shelters a garden pond and mist nozzles for cooling off against the heat. All of this to the great joy of visitors coming from Sudan and beyond to admire the unique scenery.