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The Many Crimes Of Moehydien Pangaker, Tazne Van WYK’s Suspected Killer

The man accused of kidnapping and murdering eight-year-old Tazne van Wyk made his first appearance at the Goodwood magistrates court on Friday.

Moehydien Pangaker (54) was arrested in Cradock in the Eastern Cape on Monday and upon his return to the Western Cape two days later, he led police to a stormwater pipe on the N1 near Worcester where the child’s body was dumped. Van Wyk went missing earlier this month.

Pangaker has not applied for bail at this stage which the State has indicated that it will oppose bail when he does.

While the matter has been postponed to 17 April for further investigation, it did bring to light the long list of crimes that Pangaker has been convicted of dating back to 1981. These include theft and murder.

Pangaker’s convictions:

Ladismith: 2015: possession of a stolen vehicle – guilty and sentenced

Ladismith: 2015: driving a vehicle without authority – guilty

Ladismith: 2003: assault – sentenced

Elsies River: 2003: breaking correctional supervision – guilty

Kuilsriver: 2001: murder – guilty and sentenced

Ladismith: 2001: culpable homicide, abduction, child neglect – sentenced

Laingsburg: 1998: housebreaking – guilty and sentenced

Ravensmead: 1988: assault – sentenced

Kimberley: 1991: theft – sentenced

Elsies River: 1981: theft – sentenced

Elsies River: 1981: housebreaking – sentenced

According to the NPA’s Eric Ntabazalila, Pangaker was sentenced in 2008 at the Bellville Regional Court for kidnapping, child abuse and culpable homicide.

He said Pangaker was sentenced to 10 years for culpable homicide, with the kidnapping and child abuse count running concurrently with the culpable homicide. Further details on this conviction were not available, and the NPA believes these details will be made clear during court proceedings.

He was released on parole but absconded from Bellville Community Corrections in 2015. He was placed out on parole supervision at Ladismith Community Corrections between October 2016 and May 2019. He then also absconded supervision and a case was opened at Ladismith for absconding.