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The Mammoth Task of Building the Longest Bridge in Africa

Tanzania plans to construct the first bridge in Africa, spanning 50 kilometers, connecting the mainland to the Zanzibar Islands to facilitate the movement of people and commerce. Geofrey Kasekenya, the deputy minister of Works and Transport, said as much in Parliament today, April 28. He also mentioned that the negotiations, which started on March 11, 2023, are already far along. The concept for the bridge initially surfaced in 2020, when Tanzanians living abroad proposed building a sea bridge to connect Unguja Island and Dar es Salaam. Many citizens debated the idea, with some saying it was just a pipe dream. However, science and technology have shown that the 50-kilometer Zanzibar–Dar es Salaam Bridge project is feasible if funds are available. President Hassan’s business approach to governance has seen the country experience a massive boost in its foreign direct investments and economic partnerships, which, in the space of just two years, have given the country the reputation of being the fastest-growing economy in Africa.