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The Leading Learning Center for the Preservation, Conservation and Exhibition of the Story of Africa

With leading talents such as Professors Abena Busia and Molefi Asante, the African intellectual vanguards behind this museum reached a set of consensus on facts, experience, and realizable goals, creating a modern scholarly Black Panther. The platform will be history: the assemblage of crucial information on civilization and heritage. The eyes will see major African landmarks—walking you through the origin of humans in Africa, making significant stops down to the present-day. With the rich knowledge gained, minds will be liberated. The guests will become knowledgeable and gratified. The lost past will also be discovered. A renaissance will occur, like that which spurs great modernity. Africa will enter its new world, a united world, with thoughtful muses and speculative ruminations. If planlessness has ruined many of what we do in Africa, the narrative is different in this case. The structure is in place, comprising an honorary Council of Patrons (African kings, presidents, and eminent personalities), an Advisory Council, a Board of Trustees, an International Academic Council, and the Museum Executive Management Committee. To ensure the transmission of knowledge, a “syllabus” has been established—to be introduced as part of the making of the museum and revised each year. As you visit the museum and read, the new and old will know about African history from the cradle of humankind to the present, with emphasis on our people—their ingenuity, talents, creativity, and contributions to civilization.