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The Latest African Mobility Startup to Transition into a Super App

Algerian mobility startup temtem has diversified its offering with the launch of a “super app” that allows users to access a range of services in one place. Launched in 2018, temtem made its name as a mobility application that allows users to order private drivers and have products delivered. The startup raised Series A funding of US$4 million last year to allow it to diversify its product offering, and it has now done this with the launch of Algeria’s first super app, temtem One. The app allows users to access services including temtem ride-hailing and Karos carpooling, various e-commerce and home delivery options, home healthcare services, home-fixing services, and payments for the diaspora. temtem One already has more than 200,000 customers and 10,000 partners, and touts itself as offering unique access to digital services for the mobile generation. The mobile platform offers basic daily services in one app for quick and easy access through a unified login system and powered by an integrated payment system.