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The Gorilla-naming Event that Takes Place Every Year in Rwanda

Public figures and celebrities participated in the “kwita izina” ceremony. Speaking from the UK, Prince Charles was one of the public figures invited to name a baby gorilla. “The baby I will be naming is a male baby gorilla born on the 29th of April, 2022 from the Umuhoza family, to its mother Agasaro. The name I give him is Ubwuzuzanye which means harmony”, said the British monarch. Other figures chosen to name gorillas were the representative of the Francophonie and Senegalese musician Youssou N’dour. “The name I give it is Ihuriro, which means turning center. This name was chosen to represent Rwanda as a multi-sectoral hub.” Celebrities who have named baby gorillas during this year’s ceremony include former Arsenal midfielder, Gilberto Silva, former Paris Saint-Germain FC, Juan Pablo Sorin and Chelsea FC legend, Didier Drogba. According to the organisers, the legends join other famous football legends from both clubs who have given a name to a young mountain gorilla over the past four years as a result of visiting Rwanda partnership agreements with Europe-based clubs. In total 20 baby gorillas of the Volcano National Park in Northwest Rwanda were named. This year marked the 18th edition of this event.