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The Gauteng Department of Health Reports 10 Malaria Deaths, 1,000 Cases Between Jan and Sep.

According to the Gauteng Department of Health, at least ten individuals died from malaria in 2023, with the province recording over 1,000 cases in just nine months.

According to the department, the bulk of people who died from the deadly sickness had travelled to Mozambique, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Angola.

According to Motalatale Modiba, spokesperson for the Southern African Development Community (SADC), these countries are recognised to have malaria-endemic zones.

“From January to September 2023, our facilities reported over 1,000 malaria cases and 10 deaths as a result of the life-threatening disease spread to humans by mosquitos in endemic areas.” Gauteng is not an endemic region. However, we must continue to raise knowledge about how to avoid and manage the disease.”

Malaria cases have surged in Gauteng, according to Modiba, due to late detection and a lack of awareness.

“Given that we’re a province that has got a lot of people that are moving in and out from SADC countries, and also even from regions that we know malaria is endemic, it is, therefore, important that we continue raising awareness.”