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The Gambia Works to Change its Reputation as a Sex Tourism Destination

Since the 1990s, the Gambia has become a preferred destination for European women seeking sexual pleasure with available African ‘toy’ boys. It all started when international travel agencies from the UK introduced cheap package tours to this tiny West African country. Now, the former British colony is seeking to attract “quality” visitors as this tiny African nation works to change its reputation as a sex tourism destination. The Gambia government has sought to focus on the Gambia’s wildlife and cultural attractions – the country has over 300 species of tropical bird and two Unesco World Heritage sites – to boost its ‘quality’ tourism. This summer, the Gambia’s tourist officials have visited the UK. They met with British Airways and tour operators in a bid to increase flights between London and Banjul and attract younger and wealthier tourists who are looking for a higher-class winter holiday. Tourism is the fastest growing sector in the Gambian economy and accounts for around 20 per cent of GDP.