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The Devastating Impact of Boko Haram’s Activities Transcends Nigeria’s Borders

The Institute for Economic and Peace Global Terrorism Index Report in 2020 highlights that Boko Haram ranks among the world’s top three deadliest terrorist groups. In 2019 alone, Boko Haram was responsible for the death of 1,245 persons, which amounts to 9 per cent of the deaths from terrorism globally. Boko Haram is also responsible for displacing over 2 million people in Nigeria and approximately 2.4 million people in neighbouring countries such as those of the Lake Chad Basin. Therefore the reintegration of repentant terrorist combatants is a burning issue for residents of the affected region. Previous studies have focused on government intervention and deradicalisation programmes aimed at reintegrating the repentant combatants. However, there is a knowledge gap on how communities perceive repentant terrorist combatants in Nigeria and their reintegration into the society. Little has been done to explore these perceptions and how they inform the design of reintegration programmes.