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The Danakil Depression is One of the Hottest Places on Earth with Temperatures Reaching 50°C

The geological depression was caused by the continental drift of three tectonic plates on the border of Eritrea and Djibouti which are a part of the African Rift, in North Eastern Ethiopia in a region called Afar. It is also one of the world’s lowest spots sitting at 100 metres below sea level. Bubbling volcanoes, hot springs and hydrothermal pools that release sulphur and make the air smell of rotten eggs will make you feel like you’ve stepped onto a different planet. The area once used to be covered by an ancient sea which left behind a massive salt plain, and as a result of this, salt is mined in the area. The area is rife with separatist violence and it is strongly advised that you pick a good guiding company to show you around.