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The Corner Shop Gets Digitised

Tunisian B2B e-commerce startup Kamioun aims to become the leading mobile platform for corner shops, helping them simplify replenishment processes as a stepping stone into other aspects of business digitisation. Kamioun in its current form was formed as a pivot from a previous idea during the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, and is essentially a digital wholesaler that makes money by selling goods with a margin on top of the buying price.  “We manage the whole order lifecycle, but do not own the vehicles and use a warehousing partner for the storage and the order processing,” said Fares Belghith, the startup’s founder and CEO. Belghith said Kamioun believed corner shops were an integral part of the social fabric in Tunisia, and in so many other countries in Africa. In Tunisia, Kamioun is competing against a complex set of wholesalers, distribution companies and travelling salesmen, which mostly operate offline and organise visits per zone through cash vans trying to sell their products.