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The Cape Verdean Experience

Although much of north Africa is covered with the Sahara Desert, the continent has some hidden gems in the form of a small archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean: Cape Verde, a group of 10 islands. One of the islands, Boa Vista, is an untouched gem with pristine landscape, dreamy beaches, sea turtles, and villages surrounded by the magnificent Atlantic waters. The Parque Nacional do Monte Roraima is a national park in the city with monuments and sights in addition to hiking trails. The region is also known for its sand dunes and moon-like landscapes in the Viana desert. The city is primarily for travellers who wish to take a break from their busy lives and enjoy the sun, sea and serenity. Magnificent architecture, scintillating beaches, lush green forests – the world hasn’t fallen short of destinations that remain to be explored. But as we look to recoup from the second wave of the deadly pandemic, it is imperative to prioritise our health.