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The Burgeoning Female Rap and Hip-hop Scene in Senegal

For decades, hip-hop in Senegal has challenged marginality and engaged in political critique. The Y’en a Marre (I’m Fed Up) movement was established in 2011 by rappers and journalists to protest against government failures and encourage young people to vote. It was credited with toppling Abdoulaye Wade in the 2012 presidential elections. The country’s hip-hop scene continues to be dominated by men, but more women are becoming involved who are also engaged in activism. One female artist whose star is on the rise is Magui. Growing up, the 26-year-old was inspired by the Y’en a Marre movement. Her career so far has involved rapping about taboo subjects, including menstruation and rape. Last year, she was named woman of the year by the digital platform Rap 221. DJ Zeyna, 31, sees it as her duty to combine her music with protest. She is active in the campaign to free Nitdoff and uses her social media platforms to raise awareness of women’s rights and injustice.