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The Boy Wonder of French Cooking

An unusual fusion of French, African and Japanese cooking has Paris entranced, and it’s catapulting chef Mory Sacko to culinary stardom. His restaurant, Mosuke, had a short life during the pandemic, but has since been revived – this time with a Michelin star. Influenced by his youth in France, his Malian heritage, and his fascination with all things Japanese, Chef Sacko has concocted a blend of dishes that has put his restaurant on every foodie’s list.MoSuke is an exploration of Franco-African-Japanese cooking. Starting with roasted lobster with lacto-fermented peppers, miso and tomato, Sacko’s sole cooked in a banana leaf with shichimi togarashi (a Japanese mix of seven spices) and its garnish of attiéké, a dish of fermented cassava pulp popular in the Ivory Coast, and a brilliant dessert of marinated pineapple with bissap (hibiscus juice) sorbet and candied shiso leaves.