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The Best Private Pool in South Africa according to Airbnb

Of all the amenities a rental house can have, a pool in arguably the most fun. It’s a gathering spot that kids, adults, and grandparents can enjoy, acts as a respite from crowded beaches, and adds an activity to the vacation roster. As we start to think about the vacations we’ll take once coronavirus restrictions ease, a common thread exists: we all hope to be somewhere different from where we quarantined, with the people we’ve missed—and if we can lounge in an infinity pool while doing so, all the better. Head to Stellenbosch for excellent wine, top-tier restaurants, and a stay at this gorgeous, quirky property. The views are spectacular, and the lengthy lap pool is no doubt worth a dip, if only to take in the surrounding mountains from a cooler spot (the outdoor patio’s wood-burning fireplace is another amenity not to miss). You’ll want to spend the rest of your time exploring the home; it’s teeming with plants, shelves of books, and eclectic art.