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The Art I Love: MACAAL President Othman Lazraq’s Tour of His Museum’s Formidable African Art Collection

Thanks to the Lazraq family’s stewardship, Marrakech’s Museum of Contemporary African Art Al Maaden (MACAAL) has evolved into one of the most important centers for African contemporary works. Its current president, Othman Lazraq, invites us inside for a tour of 5 seminal works that define the collection and provide a glimpse into its enormous breadth. Each work tells its own story, and it’s important to give them all the opportunity to be heard. This is why MACAAL was born. In a country like Morocco with a small art ecosystem, it’s crucial to support local artists, while inviting in the wider population. So through our exhibitions, residencies, workshops and community events, MACAAL provides crucial spaces where African artists can engage with the world.