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The Afro-Fusion Chef Who Wants to Bring African Cuisine to the Masses                                    

The Africa Centre, recently redesigned in London, is a hotbed of African cultural activity, and its rotating chef residency has been an enormous draw for foodies. The latest chef to delight diners is Ebenezer Sogunro, whose restaurant Cally Munchy is described as a Pan-African concept eatery. Sogunro started a food stall nine years ago, playing around with fusion ideas such as jollof katsu curry. People took notice and soon brands such as Nike came calling with catering requests. He upgraded to a food van in Westfield Stratford, the first-ever African food outlet there. Inspired by Bao London and pan-African chef collective Future Plates (“I love what they’re doing… they are changing the face of fine dining”), Sogunro launched his Afro-Asian bao buns, including tempura prawn and efo (spinach stew) bao; moi moi bao and chicken bao.