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The African Fashion Brands You Should Know             

African fashion is having its moment, and new talents seem to be surfacing on an almost daily basis.  Although there is tremendous diversity in style and approach, consistent themes are an emphasis on sustainability, respect for traditional techniques, and maximizing creative expression. Founded by Frank Aghuno, a self-taught designer who was mentored by his fashion designer mother, Fruché is built on an explorative notion of finding the perfect balance between the old, the new and the future. Founded by Abdou Lahad Gueye in 2012, Algueye Dakar basks in the ethos of weaving Senegalese stories and culture with perfected sartorial techniques; in turn creating charming silhouettes from a modernist viewpoint. Founded by Awa Meite, this eponymous Malian brand was a stand-out of 2022 and leads in one of the most relevant aspects of the global fashion industry – sustainability. Founded in 1996 and led by Iona McCreath, KikoRomeo has been revolutionizing the Kenyan design scene, transcending into the contemporary, and creating an intersection between fashion, art and music. At first glance, Jacques Bam’s vision of The BAM Collective instantly mesmerizes, showing off the unabashed appetite of someone who’s been designing since the age of 9.