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The 2022 African Youth Survey Provides New Insights into a Generation Less Optimistic 

Commissioned by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, the survey findings are based on 4,500 face-to-face interviews among Africans ages 18-24. The study reveals that while optimism about the future has declined, African youth remain focused on their personal and entrepreneurial ambitions. Three-quarters of youth know what they want to do with their lives, and a similar proportion have plans to start their own business within the next five years. Despite this, challenges remain for both their personal and professional ambitions – lack of access to capital and widespread and affordable internet limit entrepreneurial ambition, while perceptions towards the standard of living have declined by more than 10 points since 2019. These concerns about long-term prospects may be driving the desires of African youth to emigrate abroad, with more than half considering emigrating to another country in the next three years to secure employment and educational opportunities for their future.