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Thandiwe Muriu’s Photography is a Love Letter to Kenya 

Eyepoppingly delightful is a good way to describe the work of Kenyan photographer, Thandiwe Muriu. Through the use of exuberant pattern and color, she showcases and camouflages her models against dazzling backdrops that match their outfits. The resulting effect is dazzling and delightful, and a wonderful way for her to pay tribute to the designs of her home country. She’s showcased numerous photographic installations and exhibitions in international spaces like Photo London Fair and Art Monte Carlo. Her solo show Colors of Thandiwe, which was showing at the Maison Kitsuné in New York, just ended recently. She’s also being presented in Venice by 193 Gallery. The use of African textiles became a recurring theme over time, as well as everyday objects used as accessories on models. Kenyans are resourceful people, in that objects can be used for more than their intended purpose. Plastic handheld mirrors are used not only to look at oneself, but also as side-mirrors on a bicycle weaving through traffic or even as decorative clothing accessories on a Maasai warrior. With this in mind, Muriu repurposed items around her into wearable art.