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Tennis Queen Runs Successful Take-away

Before Natasha Siku first picked up a racket at nine years old as a part of her primary school’s compulsory sports programme, no one could have predicted that she would be playing for the national team by the time she was a teenager. iku was scouted by a tennis coach who happened to be hosting a training camp at Morule Primary School, where she was a student. She won her first official tournament and was subsequently picked to represent Botswana internationally. Through two more lockdowns, Siku was able to keep growing her business and, in less than a year, opened a physical store. It’s going strong with the original flavours and now a signature cocktail to boot. There’s also the promise of creating their sauces for retail. “The overall experience works for me. I don’t have a strategy,” she says when speaking on the rapid growth of Wing It On. “Right now I just know that I’d like to see it become big, so big that we can be proud of it as a local brand that employs locals.