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Technologies Shaping Africa’s Agricultural Sector

Agriculture is critical to the African economy, accounting for 23 per cent of GDP and 49 per cent of employment. This means that the continent’s output must thrive and meet the demands of its growing population; by maximizing agricultural productivity to ensure food security and economic growth, and technology is its biggest bet. A report shows that by 2030, regenerative practices in Africa could be adding more than $15bn in gross value added per year and can increase up to $70bn by 2040 (one-fifth of the current agricultural GDP of sub-Saharan Africa). Agritech startups like Olam, Toutin, and Twiga are already reaping the rewards of preventative agriculture. On the continent, agritech companies like Aerobotics in South Africa and AcquahMeyer Drones in Ghana solve agricultural problems with aerial imagery. Aerobotics provide farmers with information to track trees, detect unhealthy ones, and act where needed.