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Tech Solutions to Help Ghana’s Small-scale Farmers

Ghanaian agri-tech startup DigiExt is helping farm cooperatives grow via a variety of tech-based platforms and then assisting them in selling their produce to processing companies and export agencies. Launched in 2017, DigiExt helps farmers sell their produce, access credit, and provides low-cost and convenient ICT-enabled agricultural extension services. The startup gathers data by satellites and drones, weather information and soil sensors to disseminate relevant production information to smallholder farmers at the right time in a cost-effective manner. DigiExt services several farm cooperatives and organisations that support farmers, such as AFAP and the Peasant Farmers Association, helping their farmers with their day-to-day activities as well as getting their produce to market. A full ecosystem of sorts, then, and DigiExt has received some strong support to help it grow. It raised a round of funding last year, and already has operations in both West and East Africa. Osei said it plans to expand into North and Southern Africa in time.


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