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Tears Foundation & Legends Barbershop Launch #CutTheStereotype Campaign To Fight GBV

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The TEARS Foundation has partnered with the much celebrated Legends Barbershop to launch their initiative in curbing the atrocious pandemic that is the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in the country through #CutTheStereotype Campaign. This partnership aims to raise awareness and implore men to stand firm as Anti-GBV advocates.

South Africa has some of the highest Gender-Based Violence statistics in the world, with a staggering 40% of women in the country reported to have been sexually or physically abused in their lifetime. More shocking than these statistics is the fact that 50% of women in South Africa have reported emotional and economic abuse at the hands of their partners. With such high numbers of abuse, the odds seem to be stacked up against our country men as a nation of abusers.

But the truth is, there are a great deal of South African men who actively seek ways to provide safer living environments for all women in the country. The #CutTheStereotype aims to enable men in society to serve as Anti-GBV activists.

This Partnership with South Africa’s iconic Legends Barbershop will not only fuel our drive in fighting the horrific acts of Gender-Based Violence, but will also amplify women’s voices, as well as getting support from the good men in our society who continue to serve as our protectors”, said Mara Glennie, Founder & Director of Tears Foundation.

Launched today – 12 February 2021, the campaign will run through the month spreading a different kind of love with all 30 Legends Barbershops offering free True Legends cuts. The cut is a unique slashed teardrop shaved into the hair or beard, as a crest showing people that true legends protect women and stand against GBV. 

We are proud of our partnership with TEARS Foundation on this great campaign to mobilise our men and help foster safe communities for our women. A great opportunity for us as a country to unify our efforts in fighting Gender-Based Violence alongside a foundation that has been truly instrumental in helping sexual abuse victims”, said Sheldon Tatchell, founder of Legends Barbershop.

Men are further encouraged to commit to being anti-GBV through an online pledge to help fight and break the silence. To make a pledge, visit and get information on how you can become a true legend.

This creative campaign was created through the support MacCann1886. “Creativity is a force that can be used to impact society and make positive shifts. Through this campaign, we hope the men of South Africa will join us in making a real change”, noted Stuart Stobbs; Chief Creative Officer at MacCann1886.

If you need help, get in contact with Tears

Dial*134*7355# free, 24/7


The Partnership

Tears Foundation are a women-run non-profit organisation specialising in the assistance and support of survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Legends Barbershops are the number 1 rated barbershop in South Africa and have always been driven to help the communities in which their 30 stores reside. McCANN1886 is a through-the-line advertising agency who are passionate about using their creativity and skills to make South Africa a better place. Together, we will be able reach out further and make a real impact against Gender-Based Violence.