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Tazne Van Wyk’s Family Considers Suing The State For Her Murder

The family of a murdered Elsies River girl is considering suing the state.

Eight-year-old Tazne van Wyk’s relatives believe her killing could’ve been avoided if her alleged murderer hadn’t been released on parole.

The child was kidnapped and found murdered last month. Mohydin Pangaker, who led detectives to her body, has a string of previous convictions.

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola last week reiterated a full review was under way to address flaws in the parole system.

Legal expert Pierre Burger, a director at Werksmans Attorneys, said considering Van Wyk’s alleged killer’s criminal history, those were grounds to file a civil claim.

Pangakaer’s lengthy criminal history dates back to as early as 1981 and he’s previously been convicted of crimes, which include murder, abduction and culpable homicide.

“It would appear to a normal, rational human being that he would’ve never seen the outside of jail again.”

Burger said in this case, the state had a duty to protect its citizens.

“It might be that it was foreseeable that he would re-offend, and it might be that the state created that risk. It had a duty of care to its citizens not to create a risk like that, but it did.”

Burger said the Van Wyk family was in the position to institute a damages claim, which related to emotional shock.