Sat. May 30th, 2020


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Tazne Van Wyk (8) Still Missing

Tazne Van Wyk (8) Still Missing

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The mother of a missing eight-year-old girl in Elsies River said an alleged kidnapper may have been stalking her daughter.

Tazne van Wyk was last seen leaving her family home in Connaught Estate on Friday.

The young girl was buying an ice lolly at a tuckshop across the road from her home when she was
allegedly taken.

Van Wyk’s believed to have been abducted by Pangkaeker Moyhdian. He has a criminal record and is out on parole.

The details of his crimes have not yet been confirmed by authorities. The missing girl’s mother, Carmen van Wyk, has many questions.

“Why my daughter? I’ve heard that he’s obsessed with her. I heard he was talking to her. Why and how does one do that?”

The girl’s father, Terrence Manuel, said he was trying his best to keep a brave face for his family.

“I feel like there’s nothing I can do as a father. I can’t even go out and search for her due to gang violence.”

Authorities are following up on leads in several areas in efforts to find the eight-year-old girl.


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