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Taxi operations expected to resume in Western Cape

Taxi operations in the Western Cape are expected to resume on Tuesday.

Cata and Codeta have agreed to put aside their differences after they met with Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula.

More than 20 people have been killed since the dispute between the associations and over 80 people have died in the province in taxi-related violence since the beginning of the year. .

All but one route will resume operations from Tuesday.

Mbalula said the B97 route between Mbwekweni and Belville is subject to an investigation.

The minister warned that the department won’t hesitate to close the routes if Cata and Codeta breach the agreement.

“Should there be acts of violence all affected routes by two associations will be closed, for all minibus taxi operations for a period determined by the MEC and affected operating licenses will be suspended, in addition, both associations will be suspended or deregistered by following the prescribed process.

“This will be done in the interest of public safety and other operators will be authorised to provide replacement services,” he said.