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Task Team Seeking Alternatives To Possible Closure Of Saldanha Bay Steel Plant

CAPE TOWN – The Western Cape government has set up a task team to mitigate the impact of the possible closure of the Saldhana Bay steel plant.

The facility, owned by steel giant ArcelorMittal, last month announced plans to shut the plant in the West Coast town.

The company said it was no longer economically viable and now hundreds of jobs were on the line.

Saldhana Bay Municipality’s mayor Marius Koen said the task team was established last month and is led by the provincial Economic Opportunities MEC.

He said the team was assisting workers and businesses who may be affected by the possible closure.

“We’re trying to see how to give them alternative jobs but it depends on whether the plant closes or if there are buyers. If there are buyers then obviously they’ll keep their jobs but if there is a closure then we have to seek an alternative. So what we’re trying to do is expose them to other forms of factories as well as other opportunities.”